New Rogers, Telus, Bell Activations at Walmart Get Bonus $150 Gift Cards on Contract

If you were about to sign a two-year term on Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo and Bell/Virgin, take now there’s a $150 gift card bonus going on right now at Walmart, for the weekend.

According to a user on RFD, all new activations and upgrades in-store from wireless carriers—except for Telus—are offering a $150 Walmart gift card bonus on top of existing offers. Koodo is only offering the $150 gift card bonus on new activations.

Below is a summary of Koodo gift cards—which already include the $150 gift card bonus. The upfront cost for these phones are $0, unless stated otherwise, says user “NavieM”:

iPhone SE = $375 giftcard
iPhone 6 = $375 giftcard
iPhone 6S = $150 giftcard
iPhone 7 = $225 giftcard [large tab]
iPhone 8 = $150 giftcard [extra large tab]
iPhone X = $400 upfront cost, $150 GC [extra large tab]
Samsung A5 = $400 giftcard [small tab]
Samsung A8 = $150 giftcard [Small tab]
Samsung S8 = $300 giftcard [large tab]
Samsung S9 = $175 giftcard [extra large tab]
LG Q6 = $350 giftcard [small tab]
LG G6 = $300 giftcard [large tab]
Google Pixel 2 XL = $150 giftcard [extra large tab]

Small tab financing is $240, Medium is $360, Large is $480 and Extra Large is $720

Also, all Tab Large and Tab XL upgrades on Koodo get a $100 gift card. A $30 activation/upgrade fee applies.

For Koodo, Fido and Virgin BYOD plans over $50 per month, plus there’s a $10 off bonus for six months, available outside of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec (with waived activation fees on BYOD).

Again, your best bet is to head to Walmart to activate a new line or upgrade on contract, as you can get some extra gift card bonuses.