Rogers and Telus Rumoured to Launch ‘Wow Mobile’ Wireless Kiosks

Could we see more wireless retail outlets popping up soon? Retail Insider reports their sources tell them a new wireless retailer called “Wow Mobile” will soon launch in Canada, with over 100 locations by the end of 2014, to compete with the likes of Wireless Wave, Tbooth Wireless, etc., while being managed by Match Marketing/Pop Up (which helped Telus launch 35 Koodo kiosks).

The news was corroborated by Mobile Syrup, who added their sources are saying the same thing, adding the focus will be on the no-contract market and higher end smartphones, compared to the basic cellphones of the Rogers Chatr brand. Mobile Syrup was also tipped of a listing on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) which lists “WOW! MOBILE BOUTIQUE Design” as registered by Rogers Communications Partnership on August 21. When there’s smoke–there’s a fire (‘oh lord it’s a fire’).


Both Rogers and Telus responded to the rumours by not saying very much. From what it looks like, this is just another way for both companies to expand their retail presence throughout the country to lower the barrier of entry for smartphone purchases and upgrades, since these pop up locations can exist with a much lower footprint compared to an existing flagship store.