Rogers, Videotron, TekSavvy Waive Internet Overages as Coronavirus Teleworking Rises [u]

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, aside from hoarding toilet paper, many Canadian companies have ordered employees to work from home.

The result is further internet data usage and with this in mind, Rogers and Videotron have stated they will be suspending usage limits on their internet plans.

Videotron confirmed to Yahoo Finance it was suspending internet data usage limits, while Rogers similarly said it would waive overage fees for their current internet customers.

Bell told Yahoo Finance, “we’re continuing to update our team members across the country on the situation and equipping them with appropriate resources.”

Telus has similarly waived internet overages for those not on unlimited plans, while also waived roaming charges for users trapped in Italy and China.

Marc Gaudrault, TekSavvy’s CEO, says the company will also waive internet data overages as well, telling iPhone in Canada:

As Canadians will work from home and families stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, TekSavvy is suspending billing for overages for current TekSavvy customers on capped packages, effective immediately until April 5, 2020. This change has been automatically implemented and customers are not required to take any action. We hope that this will help TekSavvy customers during this public health situation.

The move follows what American telecom AT&T announced yesterday, suspending data caps for home internet users due to coronavirus.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon and more have encouraged employees to work from home, amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

Update March 13, 11:40am PST: Videotron has released a statement on the matter, announcing the following:

To help Québec organizations and businesses implement effective teleworking measures, Videotron is suspending data limits (overage charges) on all residential and business Internet plans for its existing customers, from now until March 31. Current subscribers to Videotron’s residential and business Internet access services will not have to worry about their data usage, as if they had unlimited plans.

This change will apply automatically. There is no need to contact Videotron to take advantage of it.