Fido 2-Year iPhone 5 Pricing and Plans Revealed, Coming Aug. 9 [DETAILS]

Earlier today we learned about upcoming 2-year term pricing from Rogers, set to debut on August 9. Now, we have been informed of similar plans from Fido, which have been updated to 2-year term pricing. Their Max Plans, which were previously 3-year terms only (i.e. iPhone plans) are now 2-year terms. All plans will launch, like Rogers, on August 9. Read below:

Our customers love the value offered with Tab24 in our Standard and Smart categories. We’re pleased to announce that we are soon extending 2-year Tab24 advantages to the Max category.

As of August 9, 2013, Premium Smartphone customers can sign onto a Max plan with a 2-year Tab24 agreement and get Fido’s best available savings on the device they love. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of Tab24, without paying any extra monthly Tab fees.

Changes to Pricing:

Customers can continue to choose month-to-month or can choose a 2-year, Tab24 with the Standard, Smart or Max plan categories.
Our new plans continue to provide customers with great value including Canada-wide calling, unlimited messaging, call display & voice mail, unlimited evening and weekends, unlimited circle calling and other Fido advantages, all starting from $30 per month.

Below are the pricing details for Standard Plans, Smart Plans and Max Plans, which are now all available on 2-year terms. We’ve gone through and compared these upcoming plans with with what is currently available as of today on the Fido website. Changes are in bold.

Standard Plans:

  • the $25/month plan is now $30
  • the $35 plan gains 100 extra minutes (currently, this is at 400 minutes on promo)

Screen Shot 2013 07 22 at 9 48 27 PM

Smart Plans:

  • the $39 plan is now $40; minutes drop to 200 (currently at 450 on promo)
  • $40 plan: data is reduced to 200MB (currently at 600MB on promo; normally at 400MB)
  • the $50 plan loses 100 minutes (currently at 600 minutes)

Screen Shot 2013 07 22 at 9 48 34 PM

Max Plans: 

  • the $55 plan has been eliminated
  • the $65 plan increases to $75, gains unlimited minutes; loses 500MB (currently at 1GB).
  • the $80 plan increases to $85

Screen Shot 2013 07 22 at 9 48 41 PM

Here is sample hardware pricing which includes details for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, which again, are exactly in line with what we saw from Rogers earlier. Notice though, you will be required to go with a Max plan to be eligible for an iPhone. These plans have higher monthly charges compared to other plans.


The CRTC Wireless Code will be implemented this December, so carriers have quickly adjusted their plans to accommodate two year contracts, which Canadians have longed for–but they have come at a cost, which carriers warned us about previously.

Thoughts on these upcoming changes to Fido?

Thanks LC!