Fido Offering Promo Plans from $55/30GB to $95/50GB for Select Customer Accounts

Fido $55 30gb

Fido is offering some promo plans for select customers and they have lots of data.

According to RFD, a Fido customer in Ontario checked their online account today to find the following bring your own phone offers with unlimited nationwide calls and messaging:

  • $55 – 30 GB
  • $65 – 35 GB
  • $70 – 40 GB
  • $95 – 50 GB

The plans offered above have way more data than existing Fido plans:

  • $45/6GB
  • $50/10GB
  • $55/12GB
  • $60/14GB
  • $75/16GB

User ‘kellmike626’ says they are on the $45/25GB ‘winback’ plan and have been back with Fido for the past three months. Other users chimed in to say they received similar offers, but with different prices, so it appears offers vary per account.

Let us know if you’re seeing any promotional offers from Fido as stated above. Again, this is one of those ‘your mileage may vary’ situations, but worth checking online nonetheless.