Public Mobile Student Plan 2022: $55 for 20GB of 4G Data

public mobile student plan

Telus-owned Public Mobile has launched a student plan promo for 2022, offering a $55 plan with 20GB of 4G speed data.

Public Mobile says new activations will also get 3x Points-back, resulting in “an extra $8.25 in points value on our Student Plan!”. In other words, you get 15% points-back for 12 months on your plan renewals and add-ons. Normally, this is at 5% points-back. 1 Public point earned is valued at 1 dollar when redeemed.

This 2022 Public Mobile student plan is only available for new customers who activate only.

As of writing, Rogers-owned Chatr is offering 20GB (3G speed) of data for $70/month and Bell’s Lucky Mobile is offering 20.5GB (3G speed) data for $70/month. We may likely see these rivals push back with a comparable offer, despite the lack of 4G speed offerings.

Public Mobile 3G speed plans are limited to 3 Mbps download speeds, but the recent re-introduction of 4G speed plans in July now offer download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. At the time, a $55/month plan only included 8GB of 4G speed data, so this student offers more than double that amount. Currently, the closest 4G speed plan is at $85/month for 25GB of data. Looks like it pays to be a Van Wilder wannabe.