Rogers, Fido Launches Network-Based Wireless Home Phone Service


Rogers and Fido have announced a new Wireless Home Phone service where you plug your existing phone line into their Wireless Home Phone unit (which costs $29.99 to purchase), then get the following features:

Wireless home phone modem hero

  • Get unlimited Canada-wide calling.
  • Use your device wherever there’s a cellular signal and electrical outlet.
  • No installation necessary.
  • Keep your existing phone number.
  • Enhanced Voice Mail & Call Display (call waiting, conference calling, call forwarding is a $1.99 add-on)
  • $9.99 per month for existing Rogers customers; $24.99 for non-Rogers customers.
The Wireless Home Phone unit will have a SIM card inside which will connect to the Rogers network, allowing home and business customers mobility as long as there is Rogers coverage.

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Fido says the cost will be $10/month for this service for existing customers, but $25 per month for non-Fido users. You will be able to take the home phone device with you anywhere on the Rogers/Fido network.

Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 9 50 03 AM

If you’re able to carry portable AC power with you, this could be a cheap $9.99 per month ‘cellphone’ hooked up to a regular telephone. It won’t fit in your jeans pocket though! Some downsides of a network-based home service is in the event of a network outage or power outage, you won’t have a home phone line.

Let us know if you’d be interested in this service from Rogers.