Rogers Plans Increasing $5 on Feb. 5, Will Include Caller ID and Voicemail

Rogers plans to introduce new monthly wireless plans tomorrow, according to this thread over at RedFlagDeals. The changes will see a $5/month increase to existing monthly plans, but the extra cost brings with it caller ID and voicemail to monthly packages.

Current plans on the Rogers website are priced at $45, $50, $65, $70 and $95 per month with a variety of voice and data options.

Screen Shot 2013 02 04 at 4 19 13 PM

The new plans will be priced at $55, $70, $80 and $100, as seen below:


The value pack for the iPhone that includes caller ID, visual voicemail and 100 US and international texts is $12.79/month. So the $5 increase per month appears to undercut the value pack, but it’s now bundled into the monthly cost.

Earlier today, WIND Mobile launched new plans, with a $30/month plan offering unlimited talk, text and data.