Rogers ‘Win Back’ Offer: iPhone XS for $259 with $80/10GB Plan on Contract

We’re continuing to hear about Rogers ‘win back’ offers, which are sweet deals made to former customers in an attempt to get them to return to the company.

Last week we heard about Fido’s $29 iPhone X deal with a $60/5GB plan, and now we’re hearing more details about the latest Rogers ‘win back’ offers.

According to iPhone in Canada reader located in Ontario, who had recently left Rogers for Telus, he received a call earlier this week from his old carrier, offering $400 worth of bill credits and a $80 per month plan with 10GB (unlimited Canada-wide calling, etc), a price that reflected 30% off.

This plan was offered with the following entry iPhone models on contract, with prices below before credits applied:

  • iPhone 7 – $0
  • iPhone 8 – $199 (or $189, audio unclear)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – $249
  • iPhone X – $529
  • iPhone XS – $659
  • iPhone XS Max – $789
So with a $400 credit for switching back to Rogers, an entry iPhone XS would work out to $259 on contract, with an $80/10GB plan. The phone retails for $1359 CAD outright. The agent also said he could waive the $30 activation fee.
Another bring your own device (BYOD) plan was offered as well, a $52 plan with 10GB of data with unlimited Canada-wide calling, which according to the agent, was 30% off its regular price.

iPhone in Canada listened to an audio recording of the Rogers ‘win back’ offer explained above, where the agent detailed the plan and phone prices. When the Rogers agent was asked to email details of the offer, he said he was unable to, but could have the customer call back at any time to get the deal.

Back in the summer, Rogers ‘win back’ offers similarly teased an $80/10GB plan and credits ($500 at the time), but did not include the latest iPhone X at the time.

Have you received any ‘win back’ calls over the phone from Rogers or Fido lately?