Rogers “Win Back” Promo: $80/10GB Plan, $500 Credit, with $0 iPhone 8 on Contract

Rogers appears to be calling some former customers and offering them “win back” offers, which are sweet deals to make them switch back to the wireless carrier.

According to user ‘cryingx’ on RFD, who left Rogers over a year ago, the user received a phone call from Rogers offering the following “win back” promotion:

  • $80/month plan with unlimited Canada-wide talk and text
  • 10GB of data
  • $0 smartphone choice: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro, Pixel XL 2, LG G6
  • $500 port-in credits per line added on the first or second bill
  • $30 activation fee credit
With the option for a $0 iPhone 8 for example, and this $80/10GB plan, the $500 credit works out to a $20.83 discount per month over 24 months—so essentially $59.17 per month and you get a $0 iPhone 8 up front included.

The last time we heard of Rogers and Fido calling customers with similar free iPhone 8 offers was back in March, when the company offered 20% off a $95/10GB plan and $500 bill credits as well.

During the $60/10GB holiday promo frenzy in December 2017, Rogers saw customers leave and move to rivals to obtain the coveted plan, while the latter ran into a ‘computer glitch’ which delayed sign ups for new customers. Now it appears the plan is to gain back customers who jumped ship to Telus and Bell.

Recently, we also heard of Rogers offering customers a $0 iPhone X on contract if they traded in their existing iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Did you receive a call from Rogers with this “win back” offer?