Telus and Rogers Unlimited Plans Now Start at $85; Telus/Koodo Speed Caps Debut

Keeping track of wireless plans in Canada from Rogers, Telus and Bell continue to get complicated for Canadians, with price changes, website design changes and more.

On Friday morning, Telus increased the base pricing for its ‘unlimited’ data plan to $85/month, which is now the same as Rogers, with an increase to 25GB of data (was 20GB). Only Bell has yet to match an $85 starting price for 25GB of data (previously it was $80 for 20GB).

Telus has also introduced speed caps for its unlimited plans. The $85/25GB plan has speeds “up to 250Mbps”, while the $90/40GB and $100/50GB plans have speeds “up to 1Gbps”.

CleanShot 2022 02 18 at 08 24 59

Telus also introduced speed plans for Koodo as well:

  • 3GB data plans or lower: up to 3 Mbps
  • Up to 12GB data plans: up to 100 Mbps

Rogers, Telus and Bell Unlimited Pricing can be seen below as of today (prices are cheaper in Quebec)—note Bell has yet to raise its starting prices. Bell and Telus only offer up to 50GB plans while Rogers offers higher buckets of 65GB and 100GB:

CleanShot 2022 02 18 at 08 32 21

Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus Data Pricing (check out those data overages):

CleanShot 2022 02 18 at 08 38 41

Telus and Bell are also pushing multiple line savings, as their unlimited plans websites default to lower pricing.

The Telus site defaults to four people, showing the lower group discount, while Bell’s website defaults to two people, also showing lower pricing than normal:

CleanShot 2022 02 18 at 08 42 14

At the end of the day, wireless carriers continue to throw out as much information as possible to overwhelm consumers it seems.

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As for the price changes, a Telus spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “effective February 16, TELUS has updated its mobility rate plans, providing new and renewing customers more choice and value as the TELUS 5G network continues to evolve. The new Unlimited 20 5G, Unlimited 40 5G+ and Unlimited 50 5G+ plans offer customers the ability to enjoy premium features, depending on their plan.”

Wireless pricing for premium 5G plans isn’t getting any cheaper in Canada it seems. According to the federal government recently, their goal of reducing wireless pricing by 25% has been achieved, but only for plans in the 2GB to 6GB range.