TekSavvy Asks Voters to Demand Cheaper Internet, Releases Election Telecom Guide

Paylesstoconnect sept 2021

TekSavvy on Wednesday says voters should demand more affordable internet access during this upcoming federal election, by asking local candidates where they stand on the matter.

The independent internet service provider also released an election telecom backgrounder, detailing a timeline of decisions made by the CRTC and the federal government, affecting internet pricing.

The backgrounder says “Canadians are being gouged by Big Telecom” and also says “Big Telecom broke federal rules to drive up your prices.” Other titles in the two-page sheet says “Big Telecom insiders had beers. Your prices went up.”

“With the stroke of a pen, Cabinet can deliver lower internet prices for Canadians, simply by reinstating the CRTC’s pro-consumer 2019 rate decision, which was based on years of process and mountains of evidence” said Andy Kaplan-Myrth, TekSavvy’s vice president of Regulatory and Carrier Affairs, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

The internet provider says its website PayLesstoConnect.ca has already had over 250,000 Canadians send letters to MPs, demanding the CRTC support its 2019 wholesale rates decision.

TekSavvy recently announced it was increasing its internet prices in October, due to the CRTC reversing its wholesale internet decision and going back to 2016 prices.