TELUS Dealer Says Ottawa’s Wireless Plans are “Un-Canadian and Wrong”

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Looks like an authorized TELUS dealer is speaking publicly against Ottawa’s wireless policies, which were put into place with extensive incumbent consultation, but currently under fire due to the threat of Verizon looming on the horizon.

Nanaimo-based Tom Harris says Ottawa’s plans would impact the entire cellphone industry if new players entered the telecommunications market, calling the policies “fundamentally un-Canadian and wrong,” speaking to Postmedia News:

Harris said the move would have dire impacts for businesses in Canada –including dealerships like Tom Harris Cellular, which has about 250 employees.

“If a competitor like (Verizon) is allowed to come in and given all of these handouts, they’re obviously going to be able to operate at a lower cost structure, and maybe in that sense they could pass on some savings …” he said.

Despite an ongoing multi-million dollar ad campaign by the Big Three against the Federal government’s wireless policies, the latter has continually stated the auction will proceed as planned, with a September 17 deadline for telcos to apply and the bidding to take place next January.