Koodo Deal: iPhone 6s 128GB for $633 Outright, 30% Off vs Apple

If you recently jumped on the Public Mobile $38/4GB promo, and are looking to get an upgrade, the following Koodo iPhone 6s deal at Best Buy is calling your name.

For Cyber Monday only, Best Buy is offering a 128GB iPhone 6s for $129.99, available on a Large Tab. So if you end up buying the phone for $129.99, you can cancel and immediately pay off the remaining $504 balance, taking your cost to $633, which is 30% cheaper (saving you $266) than an unlocked model from Apple at $900.

Since Koodo/Telus iPhones will work on the Public Mobile LTE network (which is Telus), you won’t require an unlock (but will if you want to travel and use any SIM card).

But if you want an unlock, it will cost $50, but requires users to stick around for at least 90 days. Factoring in the unlock cost on the iPhone 6s, your discount versus buying from Apple drops to 28%, but still 24% cheaper (save $216) for a new phone. Oh, you will need to pay $9.99 for a Koodo SIM card.

Iphone 6s best buy koodoThe fine print at Best Buy reads:

$504 Tab Large ($21 Monthly Tab Charge x 24 months)

Up to a $504 Tab Large with select rate plans. Tab reduces through Tab charge on eligible plans. Some conditions apply.

Subject to approved credit. SIM Card (not included) available for $9.99. Upon cancellation your device Tab balance must be paid off, you will be charged for your remaining device Tab balance on your next bill.

The deal is only available at Best Buy at their mobile kiosks, and is unavailable online. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

[via RFD]