Public Mobile Offers $50/6.5GB Plan with 3G Data, Unlimited Canada/USA Calling


Public Mobile appears to be offering a promo under their Build Your Own Plan section, which is offering unlimited Canada/USA calling, international text and 6.5GB of 3G data for $50 per month.

A user on RFD noticed when selecting either a 30-day or 90-day build your own plan, the option to add unlimited “Canada-wide and to the U.S.” to a plan with international text and 6.5GB of 3G data works out to be the same as selecting just “Canada-wide” calling.

Normally, it would be $5 per month extra to gain the unlimited Canada/USA calling option, but currently, it’s free.

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If you take Autopay into consideration, this plan drops to $48/6.5GB, and after max loyalty credits in year five, you’ll be paying $43/6.5GB.

Telus-owned Public Mobile’s 3G plans are really just speed-limited LTE, so users on the network who don’t stream much HD video are still seeing decent latency, connection speeds and coverage.

You can also save $10 by signing up under a referral at Public Mobile. Email if you require a referral.