Public Mobile Launches New 4G Speed Plans from $55/Month

Telus prepaid brand, Public Mobile, has launched new 4G speed plans on Tuesday, ranging from $55 to $65 per month.

All plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited international SMS/MMS, voicemail and call display. Check them out below:

  • $55/8GB: 3x Points-back: Earn $8.25/mo in points value
  • $60/10GB: 3x Points-back: Earn $9/mo in points value
  • $65/15GB: 3x Points-back: Earn $9.75/mo in points value

koodo new 4G speed plans

The introduction of these new plans also removes the $55/20GB Public Mobile 4G student plan from before.

If these plans and price points look familiar, that’s because they are the exact same as what’s being offered from Telus flanker brand, Koodo. Right now, Koodo’s website also offers these exact same 4G speed plans (with extra data at $130/1GB).

The new plans are available for existing and new customers, while the latter will gain a bonus of 3x Points-Back for 12 months after activating.

Back in July, Public Mobile launched 4G speed plans again, after originally removing them in the summer of 2019. But these 4G speeds in 2022 are limited to 100 Mbps download speeds, while 3G plans are capped at 3 Mbps.