Telus Cyber Monday Deal: $0 iPhone XR with $110/10GB Plan, Free BeatsX Earphones

Telus is advertising a Cyber Monday deal on its website, offering Apple’s iPhone XR for $0 on contract with a $110 per month plan with 10GB data, plus a free pair of BeatsX earphones (worth $149.95; or $89.99 on sale at The Source today).

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When selecting a voice and data plan for your $0 iPhone XR on a Platinum Plan—minimum $115 per month—there’s an option which includes a “Cyber Monday 10GB non-shareable plan”, only available on November 26th. This plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited SMS/MMS.

Normally, without any promos, the same plan would cost $165 per month ($95 voice; $70 10GB data) or $140 ($95 voice; $45 6GB+6GB promo data).

If our math is correct, the promo plan, plus the free pair of BeatsX (assuming $150 value) essentially works out to paying the regular price for the iPhone XR over two years ($1029), with about a $60/10GB plan. Activating online means there’s no $35 connection fee.