Telus Eliminates Cancellation Fees, Makes Upgrading Easier

In November, we first reported Telus introduced a change to their Early Device Upgrade program, allowing for the elimination of cancellation fees for upgrades. Today, the company is officially making this new change public.

Telus is starting to emerge as a ‘favourite’ in the wireless industry thanks to recent changes that are favourable towards customers. Earlier the company reduced roaming fees by 60% (while blaming Rogers in the process), and today they’ve announced the elimination of cancellation fees for early upgrades.

Announced in a press release:

When TELUS consumers and business customers want to end their agreement early to upgrade to a new TELUS device they only need to pay their device balance displayed on their monthly bill – the remaining portion of the device credit they received when they purchased their previous device.

This means users will only have to pay the remaining subsidy on handsets they’ve signed onto a contract to. Previously, users would have to pay high cancellation fees for ending contracts early. This is still the case with Rogers and Bell. Note that in November, there was an ‘admin’ fee on top of paying off the subsidy. We’ll keep you updated if that fee is still in place or not.

We’re living in the era of smartphone innovation at its finest. This new policy will allow for easy early upgrades to the latest iPhone, rumoured to launch this Fall along with iOS 5.

What do you think of this new cancellation policy?