Telus Partners with Google Cloud, NXN Digital for Internet of Things Technologies

Telus announced on Wednesday it is partnering with Google Cloud and NXN Digital to further its investment into Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The telco says it will leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure and data analytics, plus NXN Digital’s “smart city as a service” platform, to offer connected solutions for cities and districts of any size.

“Today, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our 10-year partnership with Google Cloud as well as our strategic collaboration with NXN Digital by accelerating our commitment to Canadian cities and empowering them with the next-generation infrastructure and smart city technologies they need to optimize operations, improve resident safety, reduce costs, and create a more sustainable, healthier future,” said Tony Geheran, Executive Vice-president and Chief Operations Officer, Telus, in a statement.

“By leveraging our strategic partnerships along with the blazing speed, reliability, and lower latency of our global-leading 5G network, we are creating remarkable outcomes for Canadians,” added Geheran.

Telus says working with Google Cloud and NXN Digital will allow for smart city solutions that focus on Infrastructure and environmental sustainability, Intelligent transportation, Public safety and security and Health solutions.