Telus Prepaid Pay-Per-Use to Require Minimum $10 Plan for All Subscribers [u]

Telus has announced to prepaid customers on pay-per-use plans changes are coming as of August 26, 2018, requiring all subscribers to pay a minimum $10 rate plan.

Telus prepaid pay per use

The company updated customers via text message today—the full text is below, as relayed by iPhone in Canada reader, Peter:

TELUS Update: Prepaid pay-per-use will be changing as of August 26, 2018 and all subscribers now require a minimum $10 rate plan. As a valued customer, you’ll automatically be enrolled in an exclusive $10/month rate plan on this date, which includes 500 local anytime mins along with 100 msgs. Note: extra usage will be charged at pay-per use rates of $0.60/min and $0.50/msg.

If you prefer to choose a different rate plan, please log in to or call #123. If you switch to an in-market rate plan, you won’t be able to get this exclusive rate plan back. For more details on the upcoming change, please visit

So existing customers will be automatically signed up to $10 per month plans, which will include 500 local anytime minutes and 100 text messages, with overages charged at $0.60 per minute (a 400% increase) and $0.50 per message, respectively. Long distance minutes will cost $1.20 per minute.

According to Peter, he’s on the Messaging 250 plan which costs $5 per month and includes 250 outgoing and incoming text messages, along with calls at $0.15 per minute. The new plan means he no longer will receive free incoming text messages, he says, as they are now $0.50 each to receive.

On the company’s FAQ page, Telus explains why they are changing prepaid pay-per-use plans, below:

In order to maintain our current network, IVR, Self-serve and call center experience. We also want to continue to be the leader in the prepaid space.

Telus requires all prepaid pay-per-use customers to maintain their rate plan with a balance (updated). Those with existing rate plans will “continue to keep their rate plan,” but those who do not have a rate plan will automatically see this $10 rate plan added to their account.

Are you a Telus prepaid pay-per-use customer affected by this upcoming change?