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Telus to Invest $650 Million in Ontario Over 3 Years to Extend 4G LTE Network

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Telus has issued a press release to note the company will invest over $650 million in Ontario over the next three years to extend their 4G LTE network and enable it to reach 95% of the province’s population.

The investment will result in hiring of 900 people to help build its wireless expansion along with continued investment into their Health Network System, a partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Last week Telus Health announced a partnership with Sanofi Canada to support iBGStar iPhone blood glucose monitors.

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Also announced was the extension of 4G LTE to reach the following areas later this year: National Capital Region, Barrie, Windsor, Muskoka, Niagara area and Kingston.

“Technology is a foundation of a stronger provincial economy,” said Joe Natale, TELUS’ Chief Commercial Officer. “These investments will help support growth across our wireline and wireless services, meeting the exponential demand for advanced communications technology that we see across the province, and indeed across the country. They’ll improve the reach and capacity of our network for existing business customers, and consumers. And, of particular importance, they will help to connect additional rural and small communities. At the same time, hiring 900 people will help us support the future economic prosperity of Ontario.”

In a separate news release, Telus announced $210 million will be spent in the Ottawa-Gatineau region over the next three years to further expand their 4G LTE network. The investment will result in the hiring of 80 people in Ottawa and Gatineau.

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