Zoomer Wireless is Giving Some Customers Free 2GB Data Per Month

Zoomer Wireless, which runs on the Rogers network, is offering some customers a 2GB data bonus.

Zoomer wireless

The notification of this free data is being sent via text message, and according to RFD, it’s targeting those on the company’s $36/2GB plan. The full text of the message is as follows:

Thanks for being a loyal Zoomer Wireless customer! 2 extra GB of data/mo at no extra cost were added to your plan effective from your September bill cycle start date and valid while you remain on this plan (non-transferable). Updated plan details available in My Account. Enjoy!

Some customers did not get the text message, but were able to see the 2GB bonus after logging into their account online. Once the extra data is applied, customers now have a $36/4GB plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling.

Zoomer Wireless is based in Burnaby, BC, and uses the Cityfone reseller network, which is owned by Rogers and uses the latter’s LTE wireless network.