Bell iPhones in Whitehorse Show Edmonton As Their Location

The new Bell 3G HSPA+ network is brand spankin’ new. It’s so new that it seems there are some bugs to fix. Oh, say how about telling you that your location is located 2000 kilometres away from your actual location? No Yep, it’s true. Bell Whitehorse iPhone users are experiencing some big time issues. There […]

Virgin Mobile Attacks Rogers Over GRRF–WTF?!

Remember when Rogers “eliminated” their System Access Fee, only to replace it with the Government Regulated Recovery Fee (GRRF), which has nothing to do with the government whatsoever? Well, today Virgin Mobile’s Chairman, Sir Richard Branson pulled out his guns to attack Rogers over this questionable and unjustified fee. I think he hit the nail […]

Canada To Receive 8GB iPhone 3GS?

It seems that the folks over at BGR have heard whispers of a possible 8GB iPhone 3GS to emerge on AT&T. While many would say that it won’t happen, it very well could considering Apple’s current pricing schemes. This could also mean interesting news for Canada as many devices that are planned and released on […]

Apple Finally Announces Bell As An iPhone Carrier

If anyone remembers, back on October 6 2009 Bell announced that they were bringing the iPhone to Canada. Bell announced this just under a month prior to their official launch on November 4, 2009. The stunning point here is that Apple never publicly confirmed that Bell was getting the iPhone, so many figured that Bell […]

Bell iPhone Has Arrived In Canada!

It is November 4, 2009 and the Bell iPhone has officially launched in Canada! Head down to your local Bell or Apple Store for all the launch day awesomeness. Stores will be busy so try to go early or hit up obscure Bell dealers in the outskirts of town! Remember, if you book an appointment […]

Bell iPhone 3GS Made Super Official; Releases November 4

Well, looks like we spoke too soon. There were rumours of November 4th being the launch date of the iPhone 3GS by Bell, and today it has become confirmed. Bell Canada just made it totally official with the following email: Bam! The bottom of the email reads: You can make the most of the iPhone […]

Bell HSPA+ Network Confirmed for November 4th: iPhone Shortly After?

More carriers of the iPhone are a good thing for Canadians. Yet, looking at our exclusive leaked Bell and Telus iPhone plans, one might think otherwise. Yesterday Bell issued a press release confirming their scheduled November 4th debut of their highly anticipated HSPA+ GSM network. The following excerpts are from their press release: “In two […]

Network Coverage Maps; Bell vs Telus vs Fido vs Rogers

With the upcoming iPhone release from both Telus and Bell, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the network coverage provided by all the carriers in Canada. As many know, Telus and Bell are launching HSPA+ networks, a complete departure from their existing CDMA networks. The new network technology also puts […]

Breaking: Bell iPhone Plan Prices Revealed

In an anonymous tip received, the early plan prices for the upcoming Bell iPhone may have been revealed. This news comes as Bell is set to unveil their iPhone 3G/3GS on November 4 2009. It would seem that Bell Mobility will have numerous options for customers to choose from (aside from their normally offered plans). […]

TELUS & Bell iPhone in Saskatchewan By 2011

Early Thursday morning we reported about the unfortunate email that TELUS sent out to its promotional mailing list subscribers. According to the email, customers living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba would not be getting the iPhone 3G/3GS on launch day. That email is referenced below: Clearly this is bad news for our Prairie friends. But hope […]

TELUS iPhone Coming November 5

As both TELUS and Bell Canada have now announced that they plan to bring their own 21 Mbps HSPA+ network to Canada in November, both companies have finally announced that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will also be making their debut on TELUS and Bell. Bell announced the availability of the iPhone 3G and […]

TELUS to Launch HSPA+ Network On November 5

As reported at the beginning of October for Bell Canada, TELUS has now officially announced the availability of its HSPA+ network for November 5, 2009. The new TELUS HSPA+ network will have speeds up of to 21Mbps, rivaling current HSPA+ provider Rogers Wireless. Rogers just last month announced the release of their HSPA+ network, but […]