AT&T Says Only Black iPhone 4 Available At Launch

So this is interesting. ModMyi is reporting that an internal AT&T memo indicates that AT&T will only be taking pre-orders for black iPhone 4 models, with white iPhone 4 models coming “later this summer”. As many know, AT&T is the exclusive wireless carrier of the iPhone in the USA. The internal AT&T memo, seen below, […]

Apple Posts iPhone 4 Feature Video

For those that may have missed it, Apple has now posted its feature video for the iPhone 4. The video, entitled “This changes everything. Again.”, is a great roundup of the iPhone 4 device, the tech inside of it, and the device manufacturing process. The video primarily features the iPhone 4 within the context of […]

Rogers, Bell, Telus & Fido Confirm Launch of iPhone 4 in July

Looks like Rogers has broken their silence on the status of the iPhone 4’s arrival in Canada. We know Rogers was the first to launch the iPhone 3G in Canada, will they be the first of the “Big 3” to launch the iPhone 4? As of now, Canada is only one of a handful of […]

Apple Announces iPhone 4; HD Video & Video Calling

Today at Apple’s annual WWDC event, the company announced the next generation iPhone, iPhone 4. In 2007, Apple launched the original iPhone, which was followed by the iPhone 3G in 2008 (the first Canadian iPhone!) and then a year later the iPhone 3GS, which mainly brought speed enhancements and a video camera. Today, Apple announced […]

Apple iPhone 4 Coming to Canada…in July 2010!

July 16th, 2010 Update: Official: iPhone 4 Release Date in Canada on July 30th Unless you’ve been sleeping in cave, you probably caught part of today’s announcement of the new iPhone 4 at the 2010 WWDC by Steve Jobs. This brand new iPhone is the exact same prototype that Gizmodo leaked on the internet! Some […]

2010 WWDC Predictions: iPhone HD/4G Plus…What Else?

June 7th has finally arrived! Today kicks off the 2010 WWDC where Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone HD/4G, which we have already seen thanks to Gizmodo (which, funny enough, they did not get press passes to WWDC). We’ve seen videos of the next iPhone and tear downs as well. Apple might not […]

Next Generation iPhone Launching On June 18?

Yesterday we reported about AT&T running dry of their 8GB iPhone 3G stock, which served as additional evidence of an upcoming iPhone launch. Alongside the AT&T news, we’ve also seen the Apple Online Store remove the “select” button for the iPhone 3G, preventing users from purchasing the device and of course, we can’t forget the […]

Perpetual Radio: Podcasts for Canadians

The following is a guest post from Nile Livesey and the Perpetual Radio Team. (Editor’s note: Do you love podcasts? Here’s another one worth checking out! I’ve been a guest on their show before–good times! Don’t forget about our new podcast too!  -Gary) Apple is one of the companies near and dear to our heart, […]

AT&T Memo: iPhone 3G Is Officially Out of Stock

Over the last month we have seen Walmart (USA) low the price of the iPhone 3GS to $99 (on contract) and no longer sell the iPhone 3G. We have seen the Apple Online Store remove the “select” button for the iPhone 3G, preventing users from purchasing the device. We have seen analysts predict that Apple […]

Steve Jobs at D8: iPhone Came From Multitouch Tablet Idea

Have you heard about the D: All Things Digital conference? Started in 2003 by the Wall Street Journal the conference has been on the forefront of debuting new technology and having some of the tech industry’s most influential speakers participating. Yesterday’s guest was Apple CEO Steve Jobs–who had a lot to talk about with hosts […]

Apple Store Southgate Centre in Edmonton Opens Today

Looks like the fine folks in Edmonton will have two things to look forward to today: the opening of their 2nd Apple Store (3rd in AB) and the launch of the iPad in Canada! Apple continues to expand its retail operations in Canada. Here in Vancouver we have two stores, with a third store already […]

AT&T Confirms June iPhone Launch To Employees?

Further confirming what most already expect, rumors today claim that AT&T, the exclusive iPhone wireless carrier in the US, has confirmed to its employees that the next generation iPhone will be launching in June. The claim by AT&T also indicates that the iPhone release could be before the end of June. The phone will be […]