Visa Tests iPhone ‘iWallet’ System in Europe

Computerworld reports that Visa Europe has started testing an iPhone ‘iWallet’ system. With rumours of Apple implementing Near Field Communication (NFC) in the next iPhone, this brings to mind that mobile wallets are coming sooner than we think. Here’s how the system works: Visa Europe’s in-testing iPhone payment system requires users employ an add-on device […]

[Update] Apple Tightens App Store: Rejects Sony’s iPhone App

Update 1: Looks like Apple has responded to this outcry to Digital Daily: Apple’s made no change to its App Store Guidelines, it’s simply enforcing a rule that’s been in them all along: apps that offer purchases elsewhere must support in-app purchases as well. “We have not changed our developer terms or guidelines,” company spokesperson […]

iOS 4.2.6 Released for the Verizon iPhone

Looks like Apple is gearing up for the Verizon iPhone by releasing iOS 4.2.6, Build 8E200 to developers. Verizon users in the US will soon be excited to use the iPhone 4 on their network. The notable feature that debuted on iOS 4.2.5, was the announcement of Personal Hotspot. Rogers has already mentioned they would […]

Facebook Deals Now Available In Canada For iPhone

For those waiting to take advantage of Facebook Deals, the service is now available in Canada for iPhone. The service allows users to “Check In” to receive discounts at various Canadian retailers. Users must first check into Facebook Places and then search for a discount. An alternative is if you’re at a participating store, a […]

Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Will Be Released

If you have been holding out for the white iPhone 4, which is amazing in itself, you will love the following news. For anyone that caught the Engadget show this weekend, guest Steve “Woz” Wozniak essentially confirmed that the white iPhone 4 is going to be released. The white iPhone 4 was originally scheduled to […]

84 minutes you’ll never get back…

File this under the “I’m so above average it’s not funny!” file, but an article out of The Unofficial Apple Weblog recently has some interesting stats about your iPhone usage. Based on a survey of 1,000 iPhone users, the average Apple smartphone user has 108 apps and spends close to an hour and a half […]

The iPhone Podcast is Back: Episode 24 Now in iTunes

Subscribe with iTunes | Subscribe with other RSS Readers After a short hiatus, The iPhone Podcast is back! Episode 24 is live in iTunes. Here are the apps Justin Luey and myself discussed: Instapaper Momento Beluga Also, please take a moment to rate us in iTunes. Rankings are based on new ratings/reviews. Any feedback is greatly […]

Copyright Bill C-32 Aims to Limit your Digital Freedoms, Act Now

Are we on the war path right now in Canada? It seems like there’s one thing after another that aims to limit our digital lives. Specifically the issue of user-based billing (UBB) by ISPs and now the imminent Copyright Bill C-32. What is Bill C-32 all about? As per Michael Geist: The foundational principle of […]

Apple Slips to 5th in Global Phone Sales; RIM Bumped to “Other”

International Data Corporation has released their findings on the worldwide mobile phone market for the fourth quarter. Companies shipped about 400 million units in 4Q10 compared to 340 million units a year ago. The popularity of smartphones continues to grow worldwide. Regional Analysis for the USA and Canada: The United States mobile phone market closed out […]

White iPhone 4 Seen On Toronto Subway

The unicorn of iPhone 4 devices was recently spotted on the Toronto subway system. While not being officially released, but rumored to be released soon, the white iPhone 4 seems to be making its rounds in Toronto as seen in the photos below. In late 2010, Apple stated that they were going to delay the […]

Get Involved and Protest Against Usage-Based Internet Billing

The CRTC has made a decision this week that could change the way we use the Internet forever. They have approved Canadian Internet Service Providers to implement Usage-Based Billing (UBB), which puts an end to unlimited Internet plans. Now, you will be charged on what you use and what providers want you to “over use”. […]

Netflix Reports Performance on Top ISP Networks in Canada and USA

We posted about Netflix the other day and how their Canadian operations are on schedule to turn a profit in the third quarter. Within that post it was revealed that more people watch Netflix on their Apple TV compared to almost 15 million iPads. Today on the Netflix blog they posted performance results in charts […]