Griffin Streamline iPhone 3G/iPod Touch Sport Armband Review/CONTEST!!!

We have another accessory review coming your way today. I have quite the schedule of reviews that are lined up and ready to go, so get ready to be bombarded soon! Anyways, today we’re going to take a quick look at the Griffin Streamline Ultimate sport armband for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch!

Griffin Streamline Ultimate Sport Armband for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

When it’s sunny in Vancouver the city really sparkles and shines (as for the other 10 months of the year…umm…no comment!). When it’s nice out, we tend to go outdoors and get some exercise. Well, since we’re all digital connected now, we MUST take our gadgets with us right? Well, the Griffin Streamline sport armband is here to help you along the way.

This is the second time I’ve reviewed an iPhone sport armband. The other was the PDO Sporteer Armband which I really enjoyed writing about. Griffin is known for their high quality accessories and customer support. With their Streamline I would like to say they’ve done it again with a fantastic product.

The Streamline I’m reviewing today is made to fit the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch. However, as you will soon see the iPhone 3G fits in there perfectly as well (the packaging says iPhone). Some features include:

  • a clear plastic screen protector (the touch sensitivity was not affected, still worked pretty good)
  • reflective trim so you won’t get hit by a car at night (bonus!)
  • a washable and adjustable armband that is very comfortable and flexible.

I tried on the Streamline and it was VERY comfortable. I’m actually typing with it still strapped around my right arm–this thing is comfy! For all active folks out there, this is definitely something you’re going to want if you like to jog/bike/rollerblade/frolic freely in the park.

I did run into a few difficulties though. Inserting the iPhone into the Streamline can be a challenge since the plastic casing “sticks” to the front screen of your iPhone. Therefore, sliding the phone in was pretty much impossible. Note to self: do not try to slide a first generation iPhone protected by an invisibleSHIELD inside the Streamline–it won’t fit (“if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!” – Johnny Cochran, Sept. 28, 1995)!

To solve my EPIC FAIL moment I slid in a piece of paper, then was able to slide my first gen out. Phew! So here we go again inserting the iPhone 3G. It was just as sticky, so I used the paper again to help slide it in–perfect!

Touch sensitivity still works pretty good, but of course it’s not 100% since there’s some thick plastic in your way. All in all, I would recommend picking up this armband if you’re looking for a quality case for your iPhone to exercise with. WIN!

Griffin Streamline Sport Armband for the iPhone CONTEST/GIVEAWAY!!!

Whoa, folks. I am having trouble keeping track of all these contests lately–lucky you! Want to win the Streamline? Enter my contest baby! The armband retails for $29.99US. I will ship it to you for FREE. However, you’re gonna have to earn it this time around. How bad do you want this awesome case?

How to Enter the Contest:

Help promote by sending an email to all your friends and family about this contest. Carbon Copy (CC) iPhone Fan to the email and you’re entered! The person who sends an email to the MOST people in the “To:” field will WIN!

That’s right…let the spam begin! Your friends and family will despise you, but at least you’ll have a sweet Griffin Streamline to smack them upside the head with! Once you’ve sent the email, post a comment here to let me know. That way I can ensure your email is not in my Spam box.

Not feeling very hot about how this contest is being run? Too lazy to do some work to get something for free? So sorry (no offense to the people who appreciate the contests with enthusiasm, but there are some crab apples out there)! Look forward to another contest in days to come ! 🙂

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