ivySkin iPhone 3G XyloT3 Touch-Thru Case Review/CONTEST!

We’re back with another accessory review here folks. With hundreds of accessories out there on the market for your iPhone 3G obsessed needs, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to take a look at a hard plastic case from ivySkin, the newly updated XyloT3!

What Kind of Case is This?

The Xylo Touch-Thru (T3) case by ivySkin is a German-designed hard screen shell made of top grade polycarbonate crystal material that covers the entire iPhone 3G unit. What makes this case interesting is the fact that the hard case over the screen does not affect the touch sensor in any way. In what ivySkin calls “Surface Xylo Wave (SXW)” technology (I know, what a name!), it allows ultrasonic waves to pass through the case onto the iPhone’s screen–enabling you to stay addicted to your iPhone while protecting it completely.

I had the chance to try the ivySkin XyloT3 on one of my iPhone 3G units prior to installing the invisibleSHIELD. At the time I forgot to snap pictures but the case fits the iPhone pretty snug. If you have the invisibleSHIELD installed you won’t be able to install this case over top. I was quite impressed that the touch capabilities on my iPhone 3G were not impeded even though there was this hard case over the screen. Pretty neat stuff if you’re in the market for a hard case that will allow you to still use your iPhone 3G!

Check out the following pictures to see the quality of the ivySkin case to make your own decision:

The benefits of this ivySkin XyloT3 Touch Thru case is that it’s a complete hard case that will protect your iPhone without hiding its design unlike silicone cases. Also, the touchscreen is not affected in any way which is a huge bonus, considering plastic is covering the entire iPhone 3G screen. The XyloT3 is available in clear, black, or white. At $34.99 I must admit this case is definitely priced higher than normal, but if you’re in the market for a decent hard shell case that doesn’t affect your touchscreen, this could very well be the case for you!

Check out this hands on demo from ivySkin for a more up close and personal review:

ivySkin XyloT3 CONTEST TIME!

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