Costco iTunes Cards on Sale Again, New $200 Denomination with E-Delivery

Costco has another sale on iTunes cards again, both in-store and online. At warehouses, the discount is 20% off at $79.99 for a $100 multipack. The online prices start $21.49 for a $25 card, which only works out to a 14% off discount, with e-delivery, which debuted back in June.

If you don’t want to drive to and from a Costco location, the online prices are 14-18% off instead of 20%, depending on denomination, which now sees a $200 card.

Here’s what’s available online:

  • $25 iTunes Card for $21.49 (14% off)
  • $100 iTunes Card for $83.99 (16% off)
  • $200 iTunes Card for $164.99 (18% off)
Costco itunes cards

As you can see, the new $200 denomination offers about 18% off, matching the warehouse discount but available online and with instant e-delivery.

Why buy these discounted iTunes cards? If you reload your iTunes account with discounted cards, it results in savings on any digital purchase from Apple, whether it’s for a subscription, app, in-app purchase, Apple Music subscription, media purchases and more.

The sales end on July 27, 2018.

Thanks James