Google Assistant Now Available on Newer Samsung Smart TVs in the US, Coming to “More Countries Soon”

Google Assistant is now available on Samsung’s newer smart TV selection. The addition of Google’s AI-powered virtual assistant will currently only be available in the US. However, it will be expanding to “more countries soon”.

In a recent report from The Verge, both Google and Samsung have confirmed that Google Assistant will be available to use on Samsung’s latest smart TV selection. Via a Samsung blog post, the company has said that US-based users “can now talk to Google to quickly access entertainment, get answers on screen, control smart devices, and more using your voice.”

The compatible displays able to use Google Assistant are primarily those that have released in 2020. The Samsung models include 2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs, 2020 Crystal UHD models, 2020 Frame and Serif sets, and 2020 Sero and Terrace TVs.

Samsung has noted that regardless of whether the smart TV is fresh out of the box or has been in use, setting up Google Assistant is a relatively easy process. To begin, users must navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘General’, and then ‘Voice’. Afterwards, the user can then select ‘Google Assistant’ as their preferred voice assistant.

After following the prompts, users will then be taken to the Google Assistant app on their smartphone. They will be asked to say “Set up my Assistant device” and be taken through a few steps to sync Google Assistant to their smart TV.

Google Assistant can then be used by pressing the microphone button on the Samsung remote. Commands such as “Go to Netflix” or “Find action movies” can then be made. Users can even ask “What’s the weather like today?” and receive a response through their smart TV.

While Google Assistant may only be accessible on Samsung TVs to US users for the time being, Google has insisted it will be expanding the support to more countries. In its own blog post, noting all the ways Google can help day-to-day activities, Google notes that Google Assistant support on Samsung displays will be “rolling out to more countries soon.”