DIY: iPhone & iPod Touch Car Stand Made from Apple Case

We all use our iPhones and iPod touches in our cars, but when it comes to cases for car mounting your options can be limited. Remember the custom Corvette iPhone deck installation? Well, I received an email from reader Bernat about his Do it Yourself iPhone/iPod Touch Car Stand made from the plastic Apple case and USB connectors!

The cool thing about this Do it Yourself (DIY) tutorial is that the stand is made using existing parts you already have! For starters, the stand itself will require the plastic piece from your precious iPhone box (the one that’s sitting in your closet at this very moment collecting dust). With the addition of Apple USB connector caps and some velcro strips you will be one step closer to making your own car stand.

Here are a couple pictures of the finished product in both portrait and landscape mode. Thanks for the email Bernat! Now all you people out there…get started on this Victoria Day Long Weekend mini project and email me your completed pictures!

Click here to visit the step by step tutorial: How to Make your Own iPhone Car Stand

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