Make Text Easier to Read in iOS 7: Enable Bold Text

With iOS 7, the operating system UI redesign also brought an important change: a new, very lightweight font that can make text difficult to read throughout the whole system, including menus, notifications, and the Home screen.

Some of our readers complained that they are having difficulties reading the text with the default font. We have good news for them, though: there is a simple, one-tap remedy for this. While iOS 7 doesn’t allow users to change the default font, the change will increase the weight of the font, and, best of all, the change will take effect systemwide.

How to make text easier to read in iOS 7

Step 1. Go to “Settings” > “General”

Step 2. Open “Accessibility”

Step 3. Scroll down and find the “Bold Text” toggle

photo 2

Step 4. Restart the iPhone when asked. That’s it!


Bold text iOS 7


The reboot will take much less time than usual, and as the lockscreen lights up, you will immediately spot the new, bold font on the “Slide to unlock” slider. And as you tap into the Settings app, you’ll see how much easier you can read the menus. Enjoy!