Hockey Fans: Ask Siri “Show Me a Picture of God”, Get a Surprise [PIC]

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant is special. So special she thinks god is a member of the Ottawa Senators, captain Daniel Alfredsson. All you have to do is ask her “show me a picture of god” and you’ll get the following answer:

Siri daniel alfredsson

What does Alfredsson think of this? He told Sportsnet TV reporter Ian Mendes the following:

Pretty cool, huh? Show this to any Ottawa Senators fan and you’ll be able to make them giggle like a little school girl. But seriously, is Daniel Alfredsson really god? Is this some sort of sick Easter egg joke from Apple? Let us know if this works for you.

BONUS: Ask Siri “what does Mr. Universe look like?” and she’ll answer the following:


Boom. Mind. Blown.