BBM for WiFi iPad & iPod Touch is Coming “Within 24 Hours”

Bbm ios hands on 4

According to SlashGear, BlackBerry has confirmed that its recently released BBM app for iOS will be updated within the next 24 hours to run on WiFi-only iOS devices as well, such as the iPad and the iPod touch. The Canadian company rolled out its BBM for iOS and Android apps last month, and hit the 10 million downloaders mark soon after their release in the App Store and Google Play stores worldwide.

“Given BBM’s popularity among young users, the expansion to WiFi-only iOS devices is likely to only encourage growth, however. In the UK and Canada, for instance, the availability of low-cost BlackBerry 7 phones on prepaid tariffs with bundled BBM access has been cited as a key factor in the continued usage of the messaging service, with the handsets often given as cost-effective gifts.”

The existing version of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app for iOS works only on cellularly-enabled devices such as the iPhone and the 3G/4G iPad. However, the upcoming update will allow WiFi-only iPad and iPod touch users to join the growing BBM community as well.

The source also notes that there’s no sign of an iPad-specific BBM app yet, and it has also been confirmed that BlackBerry does not currently have one in development.