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Review & Poll: Google Latitude for the iPhone

I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. That’s right – I finally succumbed and bought the new MacBook Pro. I’m finding it great and easy to use, but it’s different from PC. Not better, just different in a way that things are only as organized as you make it. But what I’ve always […]

App Review: iInterface for iPhone

Today I have a little bit of Windows love for our Windows/iPhone users out there! The app is called “iInterface” and it seeks to be the ultimate remote control for your Windows PC. From manipulating applications to controlling Windows itself, iInterface has it covered! iInterface by NT Code Labs iInterface transforms your iPhone into an […]

Google Latitude Released for iPhone

FINALLY!!! Google has finally released Google Latitude for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Google Latitude is delivered as a web app running in Safari and is available by navigating to in Safari on your device or by simply tapping on the image below! Note that you will need to have firmware 3.0 running on […]

Game Review: Warped Space for iPhone

Today I have a game for you called Warped Space and it is the first game I have ever played that describes itself as a “gravity game”. Naturally, I had to take a look! Warped Space by Marshsmith Inc. Warped Space takes you on a space adventure that involves the use of gravity to achieve […]

iPhone 3GS Takes a Drive Attached to the Front of a Car

iPhone 3GS owners out there love their phones. But do you love it enough to attach it to the front of your car and take it for a spin? This is exactly what Josh Fahrner did with his iPhone 3GS! The only thing securing the iPhone 3GS to his front grille was some packing tape […]

iPhone 3G/3GS Network Speeds, And We Thought Rogers Was Bad!

As my favorite TV personality would say, “WAKE UP BIG BOY!” (Bonus points if you post the answer below.) We Canadians, as proud as we are, have been lamenting the 3G network speeds coming from our master Rogers Wireless (which means Fido too!). We have had numerous posts detailing the various speeds locally in Vancouver, […]

Apple Considers App Store Redesign

On Tuesday during Apple’s Q3 2009 conference call, Apple COO Tim Cook expressed interest in what eventually could become a radical redesign of the current App Store available for all iPhone and iPod Touch users. The idea comes just a week after we were discussing the very problem of having too many apps on the […]

Apple Sells 5.2 Million iPhones in Q3, Up 626% Compared to Last Year

Apple’s Q3 results were announced yesterday afternoon during a conference call, and once again their numbers are nothing but impressive given the current state of everybody pinching their pennies. Just how successful was Apple in Q3? Let’s take a look at the numbers: – Revenue of $8.34 billion and a net quarterly profit of $1.23 […]

Game Review: myMusic Quiz for iPhone

How well do you know your music library? Could you name your songs by sound or by their album art? Whatever your knowledge is, the iPhone game myMusic Quiz puts you to the test by quizzing you on how well you know your own iPod music library. myMusic Quiz by The Juncode Team myMusic Quiz […]

Prototype Handler Commits Suicide Over Missing iPhone

A 25-year old employee at Foxconn supposedly committed suicide last week. For those of you who don’t know, Foxconn is the manufacturer responsible for developing Apple iPhone concepts or next gen prototypes and this particular employee was the guy responsible for keeping 16 iPhone prototypes in a safe place, away from prying eyes. Supposedly, when […]

Apple Q3 Earnings Being Released Today

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that revealed some interesting numbers involving Apple’s profit margins with the iPhone. Even with only a 1% unit market share of worldwide cellphones, Apple takes in 20% of the entire industry’s profit. Today Apple will be releasing its Q3 earning and all eyes will […]

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer Management Software for the PC

Yesterday Rory posted an article about an application to allow file transfer between your iPhone and Mac/PC via USB called DiskAid. For those of you using Windows machines, there is another software called Xilisoft iPhone, which several of my associates use regularly and swear by it. The interesting thing about Xilisoft iPhone is that aside […]