M1 MacBook Air Still Reboots When Waking Up from Sleep in macOS 11.2.3

Back in December, we wrote about our Apple M1 MacBook Air randomly rebooting when waking up from sleep, in macOS 11.1. The issue happens all the time, regardless of whether we’re connected to our Thunderbolt monitor or not.

Fast forward to April, nearly four months later, and this rebooting issue while waking up from sleep is still an issue in our M1 MacBook Air, running macOS 11.2.3.

We’re not alone as numerous M1 Mac owners within Apple’s online communities are experiencing the same thing. In a nutshell, when going to sleep, our M1 MacBook Air will randomly reboot—which means we come back to a computer with all our apps closed. This is a problem if you were working on something and then have to step away, only to see all your work gone.

We’ve reached out to Apple about the problem but nothing has been solved yet, and we don’t have time to send our computer away for diagnostics. Some have mentioned a full reinstall of macOS fixes the issue, but some say it doesn’t.

Others noted toggling off Wi-Fi before closing your lid was a temporary fix. For us, unplugging our external monitor before seemed to have fixed the reboot problem, but it was short-lived. The problem doesn’t appear to be limited to the M1 MacBook Air, as M1 MacBook Pro and M1 Mac mini owners are also venting about the problem online.

Let’s hope a software update will actually fix this problem soon. Early M1 Mac adopter problems? In the meantime, we’ll continue to wait for a software update to address this annoying issue.

Are you dealing with any random reboots when waking up from sleep with your M1 Mac?