macOS 11.3 Adds Gaming Keyboard Layouts; Rosetta Removal in Select Nations and More

After today’s release of macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 3, some new features have been uncovered by MacRumors contributor, Steve Moser.

According to Moser on Wednesday afternoon, he explains “Apple is getting more serious about gaming on macOS with settings to map controller buttons to keyboard layouts.”

Check out the images below, showing button layouts on your keyboard and mouse for gaming:

Gaming keyboard macos 11 3

Gaming keyboard macos 11 3

Rosetta Removal in Certain Countries

One of the weirdest discoveries by Moser is the removal of Rosetta in select nations. Rosetta is the software that automatically translates non-Apple Silicon apps to work with the company’s M1 chip within macOS Big Sur.

“Apple is removing Rosetta from Macs during updates in certain countries in Mac 11.3 beta 3. Maybe this is due to legal issues?” posits Moser.

MacOS 11 3 rosetta removal

Within macOS 11.3 beta 3 code, there are references to “Rosetta will be removed upon installing this update” and “Rosetta is no longer available in your region. Applications requiring Rosetta will no longer urn”, says the references in code.

Battery and Game Center Improvements

Also new in macOS 11.3 beta 3 is a reference to, “The battery isn’t functioning normally and requires service. Please check your service options”, as a possible battery status.

For Game Center, there is now an option to “Allow connections with friends” as well.

It appears Apple is planning to further enhance Apple Silicon Macs to run more iPad games, according to these updates. Stay tuned as we shall find out more in subsequent beta updates to macOS Big Sur 11.3.