IHS Market Says 16-Inch MacBook Pro Will Replace Existing 15.4-Inch Model

In a recent email sent out to media and investors, IHS Market analyst Jeff Lin has claimed that Apple’s upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh will enter production next month, and will essentially replace the longstanding 15.4-inch MacBook Pro (via Forbes).

16 inch Macbook

Those who aren’t familiar, the latest Coffee Lake series processors are Intel’s fastest 45-watt mobile processors to date boasting as many as 8 cores and are currently used on the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro.

The “15.4 [inch] MacBook [Pro] will…end production…Nov’19,” Lin said in his note. “We think 15.4 [inch] MacBook volumes will shift to 16 [inch],” he added. The analyst further the 16-inch notebook will start production in September at a monthly production volume of 39,000 units:

“Lin had been tentative about the end of 15.4-inch MacBook production in his first email. In a second email, he said that “it is confirmed from OEM & panel supplier” that 15.4-inch MacBook Pro production will end in November. “I am pretty sure that MacBook 15.4” will be EOL [End-of-Life],” he added.”

An earlier report by DigiTimes has, however, suggested that the switch to a 16-inch-class display will not affect the size of the MacBook Pro.