TrueDepth System Unlikely to Expand to Rear Cameras in 2018 iPhones

In his latest research note, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple is unlikely to expand its front-facing TrueDepth system for Face ID and Animoji to the rear-facing camera module on next year’s iPhones, MacRumors is reporting. Kuo also highlighted in his note that the iPhone X’s 3D sensing capabilities are at least one year ahead of Android smartphones.

face id

The analyst pointed out that since Apple is already way ahead of the competition in 3D facial recognition technology, the company’s main priority with the 2018 iPhone models will be to ensure an on-time launch with adequate supply. He further noted that even without rear TrueDepth, next year’s iPhones will unsurprisingly come with other tech spec upgrades to attract customers.

Below is an excerpt from Kuo’s research note:

Based on aforementioned assumptions, we do not expect 2H18F iPhones to come with rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing, contrary to market expectations. While we agree that a rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing can potentially provide more augmented reality (AR) applications, we note that Apple needs to quickly resolve two issues if it wants 2H18F iPhones to have a rear TrueDepth Camera/3D sensing, namely: (1) the development of AI and ARKit software and an ecosystem, which takes time; and (2) achieving stable shipments and on-time shipping, which are challenging due to the higher spec requirements of rear TrueDepth camera.

Kuo also shared a positive view on the prospects of new iPhone models.