Apple Trademarks ‘AirPod Case’, ‘Iris Engine’, ‘Touch Bar’ and More

Brian Conroy, a trademark lawyer, has today shared what he has learned from his months of research on Apple trademarks, giving us an insight into the Cupertino tech giant’s plans for its future products, based on the various trademark filings it has made around the globe (via MacRumors). Interestingly, Conroy has also located trademark filings for the ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus’, confirming the device names just ahead of their official launch tomorrow.

Appletrademarkfilings 1

The trademark researcher has also located an Apple filing that confirms the “AirPods” trademark has been registered by the company. Although the trademark has previously been discovered, Apple has been careful in using a shell company for trademark registration. Furthermore, Apple also seems to have trademarked the name “AirPod Case”, which adds fuel to rumors suggesting the AirPods will come with a battery case that is aimed at charging them on the go to increase battery life.

Conroy has also found trademark filings for future Apple products that include “Apple Iris Engine,” “Apple Iris Image Engine,” “Apple Smart Button,” and “Apple Touch Bar,” which he plans to cover in greater detail in later posts. Apple is rumored to be working on iris recognition capabilities for the 2017 iPhone, and “Apple Touch Bar” could potentially refer to the touch panel that’s built into the next-generation MacBook Pro, rumored to be coming tis October.

Software-based filings have also been discovered, including “Apple Swift Labs,” “Apple Progress Card,” “Apple Breathe,” “Apple Smart View,” “Apple Rich Links,” “iBooks Storytime,” “Control Strip,” and many other trademarks for known iOS 10 features.

Several Apple Trademarks related to macOS Sierra have also been discovered.