Alexa Skills Kit Launches for Canadian French; Alexa Voice Service Coming Soon

Amazon has announced this morning its Alexa Skills Kit is now available in French in Canada. This means developers can build “skills” to support French Canadian customers, alongside English, explains the company to iPhone in Canada:

Today, we’re excited to announce that we can start building voice experiences, called “skills,” for French Canadian customers using the Alexa Skills Kit with the Canadian French voice model. That will be available in the future. Commercial hardware manufacturers Developing products with built-in Alexa for French Canadian customers can request early access to the invite-only Alexa Voice service developer preview.

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The launch today means hardware manufacturers looking to integrate Alexa for French Canadian customers can ask for an early invite to the Alexa Voice Service preview.

Amazon launched their Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service in Canada last November, and since then Alexa assistant has made its way into a variety of smart speaker such as the company’s Echo line up, while numerous companies have created “skills” for their customers, including the likes of Air Canada, TD Bank, Telus, CBC and more.