Here’s Everything Amazon Announced at Alexa Live 2022 [Roundup]

With hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices out there with customers around the world, Amazon announced a wide variety of features for skill developers and device makers at Alexa Live 2022.

Smart home

Alexa Live is Amazon’s annual tech conference for Alexa developers, and this year, the company announced some exciting Matter-related updates as well as the new Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit.

  • The Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit is a new collection of services and APIs that seeks to unify the ambient smart home experience for Alexa customers.
  • Similarly, Alexa Connect Kit SDK for Matter is a new software package that brings the benefits of ACK’s managed services to Matter devices.
  • Amazon also announced important developments related to the Voice Interoperability Initiative for multi-assistants, along with new tools for device makers
  • Skullcandy and Native Voice announced future multi-assistant functionality for Push Active and Grind Series headphones, making Alexa and “Hey Skullcandy” commands available to customers simultaneously.

Skills header desktop v5

Amazon also launched features to help skill builders and developers drive business growth and develop high-quality customer experiences.

  • Skill Developer Accelerator Program (SDAP)
  • Promoted Skills
  • Alexa Routines Kit (ARK)
  • Voice-forward Account Linking
  • Alexa Shopping Kit
  • Alexa Skill Deals

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