Amazon Devices  March 2022 Round-Up: Sidney Crosby Audiobook, Ziggy Voice, and More

Alexa is getting smarter and more complex every single day by finding new ways of applying learned  behaviours  to new and different scenarios. Currently built into more than 100,000,000 devices worldwide, Alexa and the Echo suite of devices continue to evolve.

Check out the top Amazon devices updates you need to know for the month of  March 2022:

Sidney Crosby: The Rookie Year

Sidney Crosby is ready to tell his story in his own words, as one of the greatest NHL players of all time reflects back on his 2005-06 rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins. From a Canadian phenom dubbed “the next Gretzky” to an 18-year-old carrying the burden of a crumbling franchise, he talks candidly about the intense pressure he was under, the surreal experience of lacing up alongside his childhood idol Mario Lemieux, and the truth about his rivalry with Alex Ovechkin.

This dual-language audiobook experience will be hosted in English by Pittsburgh-native and Penguins super-fan, Joe Manganiello, and in French by Paul Houde! Alexa users get a free 30-minute sneak-peek from March 2nd until April 13th. Just say “Alexa, read Sidney Crosby’s preview” or “Alexa, lis le premier chapitre de Sidney Crosby.”

In-Skill Purchasing for Developers in Canada

Amazon has announced that in-skill purchasing (ISP) is now available for Alexa skills published in Canada. ISP enables Alexa skill developers and content creators to make money by selling premium content that enriches the voice experience.

Customers can purchase the premium experiences, such as virtual game products, unlocked features, and add-on content, while seamlessly interacting with the skill. Developers define their premium offering and price, and Amazon handles the voice-first purchasing flow. Amazon also provides self-service tools to manage your in-skill products, and optimize your sales performance over time.

Ziggy Voice Now Available

Customers in Canada can now try a new wake word for their Echo devices – Ziggy! To change the wake word, visit the Alexa app, select your device, select from one of the existing available wake words: Alexa, Computer, Echo, Amazon, and now Ziggy.

All wake words can be used with any voice option including the new voice option launched last year. This new wake word is available to customers today. This is just another way we’re providing more opportunities for customers to customize their experience.

Introducing eero 6+ and Pro 6E

On March 23, Amazon introduced eero Pro 6E and eero 6+ – the newest additions to the eero 6 series of mesh WiFi systems.

The eero Pro 6E is the first Wi-Fi 6E-enabled eero mesh wifi system and supports network speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, provides coverage for over 100 devices simultaneously, and provides access to the newly-authorized 6 GHz band, all of which ensures so more devices can get gigabit+ speeds across your home.

The eero 6+ is Amazon’s most affordable gigabit-capable eero system, with access to the 160 MHz radio channel for fast connectivity for activities like AR, VR, and 8K streaming; plus it supports over 75 simultaneously-connected devices.

Full Routines Support for Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Customers in Canada can now create a Routine to set up custom alerts and control your Alexa-enabled air purifier, humidifier, fan, or smart thermostat when your indoor air quality changes. Simply select the air quality metrics and the values the device measures for each—IAQ, PM, VOCs, CO, temperature and humidity—to trigger an action based on your preferences.

Coming up in April:

Get ready for April Fool’s Day with Alexa
“Alexa, teach me a prank”
“Alexa, prank me”

Go green with Alexa for Earth Day
“Alexa, what are you doing for Earth Day?”
“Alexa, what can I do for Earth Day?”
“Alexa, tell me a fun fact about the Earth”
“Alexa, tell me a nature story”
“Alexa, tell me an Earth Day poem”

Alexa is counting down the days until Easter in unexpected ways
“Alexa, how many days until Easter?”

Starting April 4, the Easter Bunny is on the move across Canada!
“Alexa, where is the Easter Bunny?”

Fun for Easter with Alexa
“Alexa, where is the Easter Bunny?”
“Alexa, do the Easter rap”
“Alexa, tell me an Easter story”
“Alexa, tell me an Easter limerick”
“Alexa, quiz me about Easter”
“Alexa, quiz me about chocolate”
“Alexa, where should I hide my Easter eggs?”
“Alexa, what are you doing for Easter?”

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