Apple Celebrates 10 Years of the Apple Store App with This Easter Egg

Apple store 10 years

Apple has hidden a little gem within the Apple Store iOS app, to celebrate 10 years of the app.

When you search for “10 years” within the Apple Store app (the app to buy Apple products, NOT the App Store), you’ll see floating balloons appear showing off “10”. If you tap each balloon, they’ll pop.

The Easter egg was spotted by Michael Steeber. You can check out a video of the hidden surprise in the video above.

The Apple Store retail app launched back on June 15, 2010, first made available for users in the United States. The launch of the app allowed Apple customers to place reservations for the newly announced iPhone 4 at the time. Canadians were shut out of course, but those savvy enough to have a U.S. iTunes account were able to download and access the app. Ah, the memories.

Click here to download the Apple Store iOS app and give this a try for yourself.