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Apple Developing ‘AirPod Pro Lite’ Earphones Claims Report

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A new report by Taiwanese publication DigiTimes claims that Apple is working with its supply chain partners on a handful of new products, including a new ‘AirPod Pro Lite’ earphones model (via MacRumors). Other products Apple is currently said to be working on include next-generation iPads, Apple Watches, and iMacs.


All the upcoming products mentioned in the report are already due for updates in the next few months, except for Apple Watch and iPad and Apple Watch, both of which are not likely to see upgrades before September.

As for the ‘AirPod Pro Lite’ earphones, the source has not included many details other than the fact that Apple is now looking to ramp up production with its Taiwanese partners in order to geographically diversify its supply chain amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China:

“Apple, maintaining partnerships with supply chains in both Taiwan and China, may have its Taiwanese partners handle more production of new-generation ?iPad?, ?Apple Watch?, AirPod Pro Lite and ?iMac? devices to be released later, as the epidemic has raised risks of raw materials supply shortages and shipments disruptions arising from uncertain resumption of normal operations at components suppliers and assembly plants in China, the sources said.”

As with any other DigiTimes report, however, it is hard to predicate the accuracy of today’s report at this time.

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