Apple CarPlay’s New Multiscreen Feature Not Supported Yet by Automakers

After reaching out to 11 leading automakers about support for Apple CarPlay’s new multiscreen function rolling out with iOS 13, the folks over at The Verge have found out that none is able to support the latest feature at this time, despite most of their vehicles being compatible with the updated version of CarPlay.


Apple notes that the latest version of CarPlay lets users project their iPhone’s display on two different screens in the vehicle at the same time. The feature could be used to run Spotify on the main infotainment system while at the same time displaying Apple Maps on a heads up display.

Unfortunately, though, no cars on the road seem to support the feature at the moment. Below are some of the responses received from major carmakers regarding support for CarPlay’s new dual-screen function:

GM: “All GM vehicles that are CarPlay capable will support the iOS13 update.” Will it work on multiple screens though? “We don’t have any more details to share beyond what I already sent. Stay tuned…”

Fiat-Chrysler: “Any FCA vehicle with CarPlay support can run it, so all of our vehicles 2017 or newer are included.” Will it work on multiple screens? “More info on that at a later date.”

Hyundai: “With iOS 13 we have support for our various screen sizes, including the All-New Palisade which features a large 10.25 display. I just tested it out. We don’t support the displaying on both displays at this time – only the Main AVN screen.”

Toyota: “We do support the new multifunction dashboard within CarPlay which can display multiple applications on the same screen at the same time. Currently, we do not have any vehicles with multiple screens.”

Some automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Volvo, have not yet responded to the request.