Apple Invites Chinese Media for Special iPhone Event on Sept. 11 in Beijing [u]

Earlier today Apple invited members of the press to a special event slated for September 10 at its Cupertino Campus to announce its new iPhone offering(s).

Now, according to Sina Tech, Apple has sent out invites to members of the Chinese media the country’s own iPhone event. According to the invite image below, it looks exactly like what we saw earlier today:


The invite seems to target Chinese media, as Beijing-based Reuters journalist Paul Carsten, in a response to Michael Kan, IDG News’ Beijing news correspondent, says he did not receive an invite. Apple appears to be focusing its efforts in China by giving the country its own special iPhone event, which will surely be seen as a kind gesture by the company to one of its most important markets.

Last month, China Mobile’s chairman said it was getting closer with Apple to reach an agreement, where the iPhone 5C could debut in the country as it would house a network compatible Qualcomm chip. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook has traveled to Beijing a couple times this year already, which has led to speculation a deal is imminent with the world’s largest carrier and its 700 million subscribers:

Apple CEO Tim Cook met China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua in Beijing last month, his second China visit this year, prompting speculation that a deal could be edging closer.

The event invite says it will take place at 10AM on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at China World Trade Center Tower 3. The equivalent time in Cupertino would be 7PM on Tuesday, September 10.

Update: the invites, which read “”This day is destined to be a sparkling day,” have been confirmed by Computer World:

News of the event circulated across Chinese media sites on Wednesday, with the invitation sent to select domestic news organizations. One journalist at Chinese Internet media firm confirmed to IDG News Service that he had also received an invite from Apple.