Apple Will Donate to Help Rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral Says Tim Cook

Tim cook notre dame

Apple will help Notre Dame Cathedra rebuilding efforts, according to CEO Tim Cook.

This morning, the Apple CEO tweeted, “We are heartbroken for the French people and those around the world for whom Notre Dame is a symbol of hope. Relieved that everyone is safe. Apple will be donating to the rebuilding efforts to help restore Notre Dame’s precious heritage for future generations.”

Cook did not specify any amounts or other details regarding the pledge to help rebuild one of the most famous landmarks in Paris, France. On Monday, the 856-year old cathedral, under renovations, caught on fire with its blaze seen live around the globe.

So far, numerous French companies have pledged millions to help restore and rebuild Notre Dame. Francois-Henri Pinault, the owner of fashion labels such as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, pledged 100 million euros ($150 million CAD) towards Notre Dame rebuild efforts.

Bernard Arnault of LVMH said he would donate 200 million euros ($301 million CAD), while the L’Oreal cosmetics group said it would donate 200 million euros ($301 million CAD) as well.