Apple Launches New Website with Customizable Layout

icloud website new

There’s a new version of Apple’s website that has debuted today, after weeks of beta testing, reports MacRumors.

The new layout features customizable tiles that can be added and removed, similar to editing apps on an iPhone Home Screen.

An option to ‘Customize Home Page’ at the bottom of the screen turns the tiles into ‘jiggle mode’, where you can tap a “-“ button to remove them.

While in ‘jiggle mode’, tapping ‘Add Tile’ in the upper left corner brings up the question, “Which tile do you want to add?”. From here, you can pick from Photos, Mail, Drive, Notes, Calendar, Numbers, Pages, Reminders, Keynote, Hide My Email, Custom Email Domain and a customizable ‘Apps’ tile.

The bottom of the website now shows your iCloud storage plan, how much storage is used and how much is remaining, along with Data Recovery options.

Overall, it’s a much cleaner look compared to before and those that rely on may find this new design easier to use than before.