Apple Limiting Purchase Quantities on New iPad Pro, MacBook Air and More in Canada

Ipad limit 2

If you’re looking to stock up on Apple products like toilet paper, good luck with that because the company has started to impose a limit on how many quantities you can buy.

As MacRumors reports, when it comes to the new MacBook Air and refreshed Mac mini, orders are limited to five per customer. For the new iPad Pro and iPhones, there are limits of two per customer. These limits appear to be in effect for Canada and throughout the globe on Apple’s various online stores.

Macbook air limit 2

When you review your bag on or the Apple Store mobile app, a drop-down menu for quantities shows you the limit on what you can buy.

Given the economic climate right now and how COVID-19 is affecting supply chains of Apple and other companies, the move to limit purchase numbers looks to restrict resellers from abusing purchases and also let the company’s supply chain keep up with demand.

Apple yesterday launched a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air and refreshed Mac mini.