Apple Promo: Get 10% Bonus Credit When Adding Funds to Your Apple ID

Ios13 iphone xs app store account credit callout

Is your iTunes credit balance running low? Apple is again offering its 10% bonus credit promotion for customers adding funds to their Apple ID.

“Get a 10% bonus when you add funds to your Apple ID,” explains Apple. The offer is valid through June 5, 2020 and “available when adding $1.00 to $200.00 to your account.” Apple says the bonus limit is 1 and “offer eligibility may vary based on account information or purchase history.”

Apple id bonus 10

Any digital purchase from Apple, whether for an app, book, movie rental, in-app purchase, subscription or more, will be taken from your Apple ID balance. If you fund your balance with this promo, it means you’ll be saving 10% off everything. It may not be much, but it’s still free money.

How to add funds to your Apple ID on iPhone? Go to Settings > Apple ID > Payment & Shipping > Apple ID > Add Funds and then select an amount up to $200.

Apple periodically offers this promo and the last time we saw it was back in March. It is not as good as Costco’s iTunes card sales, but if you’ve been waiting for some cash back, this might tide you over for now.

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